Frequent Asked Questions

What is Elevatebuy?
“Elevatebuy” is a grocery and daily essentials(milk,vegetables,fruits, batters and eggs) delivery platform. We offer curated grocery lists, subscription shopping and group discounts for communities buying together.
What is curated lists?
Elevatebuy offers pre created grocery lists based on different family needs based on location, family size, region and seasons. For example, South indian kitchen essentials, Emergency household essentials, Family of four packs. These curated lists are customizable however as you want and can be ordered immediately.
How subscription works?
Grocery shopping is repetitive, 90% of the time we buy the same groceries over and over again, every month. DailyBaskert allows you to create and subscribe to your repeated monthly grocery lists and save money and time
Monthly curated lists can be subscribed upto 6 months and daily lists upto 4 weeks. Monthly subscriptions will be delivered on the same date on every month, and daily subscriptions will be delivered on the same day of every week.
Can I cancel subscriptions?
All subscriptions can be cancelled before the delivery cutoff time (6 hours before delivery). Once cancelled, the total amount of the remaining subscriptions (except the already delivered) will be added to your wallet immediately. If you wish to get the refund deposited to your bank account, please contact us at refunds@elevatebuy.com
Can I update subscriptions?
All subscriptions can be updated before its delivery cutoff time (6 hours before delivery). If you want to add/remove items, that will be applied to next immediate subscription. If the new total of that month is less than the previously paid, remaining amount will be added to your wallet. If the new total is higer, then you need to pay the amount
Is there any offers in subscription?
Here are the offers if you subscribing to a list
– Monthly lists : 3% off on 2 or more months subscription
– Daily lists : 5% off on 2 or more weeks subscription
Can I shop traditionally without curated lists?’
Yes, you can. There is “Shop by Categories” section you can find in the app top bar & side bar. In this section you can filter products by categories just like any ecommerce website/app.
Can I subscribe to these custom carts?
Yes, you can. Any order can be subscribable and follows the same rules of subscription described above.
Offers on curated lists
Offers on these curated lists only valid if you order it unchanged or adding more items to it or with atleast 75% of items in the list.
Are muliple offers combined?
Yes. All offers are combined and applied to the order amount.
What are your delivery times?
– 6 to 8 AM
– 9 to 11 AM
– 12 to 2 PM
– 6 – 8 PM
– 9 – 11 AM
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